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Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is a set of design principles that aim to balance the interests of the environment, finance, and social justice resulting in facilities that are green, profitable, and fair. Sustainable design considers energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, material selection, site planning, resource efficiency, and water use with an eye to making building construction and operation safer, more productive, and less polluting, as well as less expensive to maintain.


BES’s commitment to providing quality service for federal government projects is enhanced by a solid foundation of experience in government-contracted work. Federal projects require a detailed, innovative design approach to develop workable, cost-effective solutions. As a full-service firm, our work for the federal government includes: design for new construction, as well as design for additions, alterations, repair, and rehabilitation projects for a multitude of building types.

Health Care

As fast as the manner in which medical professionals study, diagnose, and treat illnesses, BES continues to develop specialized systems and services that are necessary for successful design of clinics, laboratories, medical centers and hospitals. Our architects and engineers understand issues such as licensing standards, life safety code requirements, and sterile HVAC design, which impact the healthcare industry today.


BES provides services on a wide range of projects for city and local government agencies. Our experience includes libraries, museums, detention centers, justice facilities, fire and police stations, and maintenance facilities.


From test scores and student safety to air quality and changing technology, today’s schools must meet an incredible array of demands. While there are no cookie cutter solutions, BES’ extensive experience working with school districts, gives the client our perspective, along with that of the hundreds of other clients we have served. Our experience helps the client meet their challenges by creating progressive places for learning that are designed around the needs of the students, teachers, staff and administration.


Commercial building projects require achieving the right balance between designing functional, pleasing spaces, and meeting budgetary goals. Our commercial services involve diverse aspects such as: site development and architecture; interior design and space planning; structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services; energy conservation services; fire protection and construction management. BES also provides support to commercial property managers in site feasibility studies, condition assessments, and facilities management.